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Bank of Scotland to 1967
Bank of Scotland 1968 on
British Linen
Clydesdale Bank to 1989
Clydesdale Bank 1990 on
Clydesdale & North of Scotland
Commercial Bank
National Bank
North of Scotland
Town & County Bank
Royal Bank to 1985
Royal Bank Lord Ilay
Union Bank
paper money of scotland to pick

Paper Money of Scotland to Pick


Commercial Bank

CL 41 1881

PM of S                        Pick                                    Value

CO 47 PS 315a  £1 
CO 48a PS 315b £1
CO 48b PS 315b  
CO 48c PS 315b  
CO 48d PS 315b  
CO 49a PS £5
CO 49b PS  
CO 50a PS £20
CO 50b PS  
CO 51a PS  £100
CO 51b PS  
CO 52b PS 319 £1
CO 53 PS £5
CO 54 PS £20
CO 55 PS £100

PM of S                        Pick                                    Value

CO 56a PS 323a  £1 
CO 56b PS 323a  
CO 56c PS 323a  
CO 56d PS 323b  
CO 56e PS 323b  
CO 56f PS 323b  
CO 56g PS 323b  
CO 57a PS ?  
CO 57b PS 324 £5
CO 58a PS 325a £20
CO 58b PS 325b  
CO 59a PS 326 £100
CO 59b PS 326  

 PM of S                       Pick                                    Value

CO 60 PS 327  £1 
CO 61a PS 331a  
CO 61b PS 331aa  
CO 61c PS 331b  
CO 61d PS 331b  
CO 61e PS 331bb  
CO 61f PS 331bb  
CO 62a PS 328a £5
CO 62b PS 328b  
CO 62c PS 328c  
CO 62d PS 328d  
CO 63a PS 329a £20
CO 63b PS 329b  
CO 63c PS 329c  
CO 63d PS 329d  
CO 64a PS ? £100
CO 64b PS ?  
CO 64c PS ?  
CO 64d PS ?  

PM of S                         Pick                                  Value

CO 65 PS 332 £1 
CO 66 PS 366  
CO 67a PS 333a £5
CO 67b PS 333b  
CO 68a PS 334a £20
CO 68b PS 334b  
CO 69 PS 335a £100


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