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Bank of Scotland to 1967
Bank of Scotland 1968 on
British Linen
Clydesdale Bank to 1989
Clydesdale Bank 1990 on
Clydesdale & North of Scotland
Commercial Bank
National Bank
North of Scotland
Town & County Bank
Royal Bank to 1985
Royal Bank Lord Ilay
Union Bank
paper money of scotland to pick

Paper Money of Scotland to Pick


Clydesdale & North of Scotland

CL 27a 1951

PM of S                           Pick                             Values

CL 24a P 191a £1
CL 24b P 191a  
CL 24c  ?  
CL 24d P 191b  
CL 24e ?  
CL 25a P 192a £5
CL 25b P 192a  
CL 25c ?  
CL 25d P 192b  
CL 25e  
CL 26a P 193a £20
CL 26b ?  
CL 26c P 193b  
CL 26d ?  
CL 27a P 194a £100
CL 27b P 194b  
CL 28 P 195a £1
CL 29 P 196a £5




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