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Bank of Scotland to 1967
Bank of Scotland 1968 on
British Linen
Clydesdale Bank to 1989
Clydesdale Bank 1990 on
Clydesdale & North of Scotland
Commercial Bank
National Bank
North of Scotland
Town & County Bank
Royal Bank to 1985
Royal Bank Lord Ilay
Union Bank
paper money of scotland to pick

Paper Money of Scotland to Pick


Clydesdale 1990 on

PM of S                          Pick                                     Value

CL 48a P 218a £5
CL 48b P 218b  
CL 48c P 218c  
CL 48d P 218d  
CL 49a P 224a £5
CL 49b P 224b  
CL 49c P 224c  
CL 49d P 224d  
CL 50a P 219a £10
CL 50b P 219b  
CL 50c P 219c  
CL 51a P 226a £10
CL 51b P 226aa  
CL 51c P 226b  
CL 51d P 229A  
CL 51e P 226c  
CL 51f P 226d  
CL 51g P 226e  
CL 51h P 226f  
CL 52 P 229E £10

PM of S                            Pick                                 Value

CL 53a    P 220a    £20
CL 53b P 220b  
CL 54a P 221a £20
CL 54b P 221b  
CL 55a P 227 £20
CL 55b P 227  
CL 56 P 228a £20
CL 57a P 229 £20
CL 57b P 229  
CL 58a P 228a £20
CL 58b P 228b  
CL 58c P 228c  
CL 58d P 228d  
CL 58e P 228e  
CL 58f P 228f  
CL 59 P 229F  
CL 60 P 229G  
CL 61 P 228g  
CL 62a P 225a £50
CL 62b P 229c  
CL 62c P 225b  
CL 62d P 225c  
CL 63a P 223 £100
CL 63b P 229d  

PM of S                           Pick                                Value

CL 64a   P 230a    £5
CL 65a P 231a £10
CL 65b P 231b?  
CL 66a P 232a £20
CL 66b P 232b  
CL 66c P 232c  
CL 67a P 233a £50
CL 67b P 233b?  
CL 68a P 234a £100

Polymer Issue 2015 

PM of S                            Pick                              Value

CL 69 P 235a £5
CL 70a P 235b £5
CL 71a P 236a £10




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