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Historical Figures

                       Reverses of English Banknotes

       Series C Portrait 1960 to 1979 & D Pictorial 1970 to 1994

                           Only the first EPM catalogue number is shown for each reverse.


        Austin's £2 unissued design, late 1950s


        Eccleston's ten shilling banknote, Sir Walter Raleigh 1552 - 1628  (later changed to 50p).

       Approved in 1964 but was never issued.  A fifty pence coin was introduced.


                           Series C Portrait 1960 to 1979


        B286 10 shillings Brittannia holding an olive branch 


        B281 £1 O'Brien Portrait Series


        B283 O'Brien Research note   R reverse





        B292 G note printed on Goebbel press  G reverse





        B297 £5 Hollom  Brittannia modelled by engraver's daughter 


        B299 £10 Hollom   idealised depiction of a Lion holding a double key

                                    D Pictorial 1970 to 1994


        B337 Sir Isaac Newton holding a copy of Principia 


        B341 Sir Isaac Newton 1642 - 1727   W added to reverse 




        B332 Duke of Wellington 1769 - 1852  battle scenes 


        B334 Duke of Wellington  L added reverse (0.5mm thread)




        B330 Florence Nightingale 1820 - 1910   worked in a Crimea war hospital


        B 348 Florence Nightingale  L added  (0.5mm & windowed thread B349)




        B318 William Shakespeare 1564 - 1616   Romeo and Juliet on the balcony in Verona


        B351 William Shakespeare 1564 -1616  enhanced colours  (windowed thread)


        B352 Sir Christopher Wren 1632 - 1723   St Paul's Cathedral architect




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