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                  Reverses of English Banknotes

Series E First Historical, E Second Historical & F Third Historical

Only the first EPM catalogue number is shown for each reverse. 


                         Series E First Historical 1990 to 1999


        B357 George Stephenson 1781 - 1848

        Stephenson's rocket locomotive 1829 Skerne Bridge on Stockton Darlington Railway 1825


         B366 Charles Dickens  copyright line 1992 (crown top right front)

        The Cricket match Dingley Dell against all Muggleton from the Pickwick Papers 1836


        B369 Charles Dickens  copyright line 1993 (£10 denomination top right front)  


        B358 Michael Faraday  copyright line 1991 (crown top right front)

        The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures initiated in 1826 The magneto - electric spark apparatus



        B374 Michael Faraday  copyright line 1993 (£20 denomination top right front)


       B377 Houblon 1632 - 1712  First Governor of the Bank of England

       The Bank Gatekeeper Sir John Houblon's house in Threadneedle street


                     Series E Second Historical 1999 continuing


       B393 Elizabeth Fry 1780 - 1845  A Quaker and Prison Reformer


       B388 Charles Darwin 1809 - 1882  copyright line  The Company


        B390 Charles Darwin 1809 - 1882  copyright line  And Company


        B386 Sir Edward Elgar 1857 - 1934   View of the West face of Worcester Cathedral


                                          Series F Third Historical 2007 continuing 


        B405 Adam Smith 1723 - 1790   Depicting pin making factory 


        Matthew Boulton 1728 - 1809 & James Watt 1736 - 1819  £50 B410




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