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                    Reverses of English Banknotes

                                Treasury, Britannia & Series B

                   The first EPM catalogue number is shown for each reverse.


        T16-24-31-32-34-35  £1  first issued 1917   Houses of Parliament 


        T16a  £1  Fouled Anchor added under Elizabeth clock tower




        T17-18-19-20 Bradbury & T25-26-30-33 Fisher 10s


        T21  Bradbury & T27  Fisher Fractional 5s


        T22  Bradbury & T28  Fisher Fractional 2s 6d 


        T23  Bradbury & T29  Fisher  Fractional 1s 


        B210  Mahon 10s  designed by William Keesey,  two 10/-  value tablets set among

        swirls of acanthus leaves.


        B212  Mahon  £1  designed by William Keesey.  

        South front of the Bank prior to rebuilding together with vignettes of St. George and

        the dragon.  Used by Benedetto Pistrucci for the design of the Sovereign.



        B239A  Peppiatt Guernsey Overprint   September 1941  No full stop 


         B239B  Peppiatt Guernsey Overprint   November 1941  Full stop  


        B249  £1  Peppiatt  wartime colour change issue


         B249A  Guernsey Overprint Peppiatt


         B251  10s  Peppiatt  wartime colour change issue


         B253  Peppiatt  Fractional 5s


         B254  Peppiatt  Fractional 2s 6d


         B277  Lion & Key £5,  shaded value and symbol,  O'Brien Chief Cashier Lion & Key

        designed by Stephen Gooden R.A.  Fabulous engraving of a Lion holding a chained double

        sided key depicting the strength of the Britain's economy.  Issued in 1957.




         B280 Lion & Key £5,  white value and symbol,  O'Brien





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