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postal orders
Edward 7th
George 5th
Silver Jubilee
George 6th
Postmaster General
Post Office
Dual Currency
Old Age Pension
Postal Orders

Overprinted Postal Orders

British Postal Orders were used in most Commonwealth countries

Overprinted to suit the local monetary system

 Overprinted Poundage payable in Burma 3 1/2  Annas on 20 shillings postal order 



 Overprinted poundage payable in South Africa 6d on red 20 shillings



Overprinted Republic of South Africa 4 cents. The shilling value equals 9 cents 


 Overpritned New Zealand five cents on 10 shilling QEII Postmasrer General postal order


Wanted / Buying similar Banknotes to those shown E Mail


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