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Post Offices in Surrey

Post Offices A to Y

compiled by Ken Smith       

updated 22/1/2014

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(AVF) Towns Telegraphic Code
BO>MSPO           Branch Office
BO Branch Office (formerly Crown Office or 'directly managed branches nowadays'
CDS Circular Datestamp
d/c Double Circle (d/c & d/r are both the same)
d/r Double Ring
EL Entire Letter
MO-SB Money Order and Savings Bank
MOO Money Order Office
MSPO Modified Sub Post Office
PP Parcel(s) Post  /  Prepaid (post pay'ee)  /  Post Paid
>PO Post Office
poc Post Office Circular
PMG Postmaster General
q.v. (For) which see (latin)
RSO Railway Sorting Office  /  Railway Sub Office
SB Savings Bank
S.O. Sorting Office
SPM Subpostmaster  /  Subpostmistress
s/c Single Circle (s/c & s/r are both the same)
s/r Single Ring
sic So, thus (Faithfully reproduced)
T.O. Telegraph Office  (Telegraphic codes usually 3 letters, eg AVF)
t.c. Temporary Cancel
TSO Town Sub Office
TPO Travelling Post Office (Rail)
UDC Undated Circle
UDDA Undated Double Arc



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