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December 2019

We recently went to the London Palladium to see 'Goldilocks', the Pantomime.  We had not been to a Panto since Glen was a young lad.  Of course, the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears can be told in about 10 minutes, however, the Panto, which starred Julian Clary and Paul O'Grady, it certainly was not for the young people.  The jokes were a bit smutty, but, laughable and Goldilocks did actually feign sleep in the bed.  We thoroughly enjoyed the adult humour, glittering, outrageous costumes and novelty acts including a ventriloquist, magician, skaters, motorcyclists etc., and look forward to next year's Panto!

Sometimes, whilst driving, I look at car registrations and see if they match a prefix of a banknote and try to match it to a denomination too - does anybody do this or am I an odd one out? 

We will be moving - The London Coin Fair on Saturday February 1st we shall be in the main hall downstairs, through the double doors a few tables down on the left.

November 2019

Sometimes a funny sign catches your eye - this one outside a Bakery in Derby 'Baguette found in Zoo. Bread in captivity' -  due to too much traffic I could not read their next sign.

We just got back from Dubrovnik - walked the walled city, took photos and ate a lot! At one bar stop Peter ordered a beer and a prosecco, however we ended up with a beer and a Prosek - the latter being a sweet dessert wine - even so, a drink is a drink! On our last day we popped into an Irish pub - one corner was given over to paper money pinned up - not unusual, although sad, it made me feel more at home (not that I pin my notes up), but, happy to see world paper money on display.

October 2019

It has finally been announced that the £20 depicting Turner will be issued on 20.02.20 (a memorable date). The Bank has been carefully selecting dates that fit the denomination in some way - the £5 was 13.9.16 - seventy years to the day of Churchill's great speech that we all know so well 'I have nothing to offer but  blood, toil, tears and sweat'.  The £10 was 14.09.17 - two hundred years after Jane Austen's death. 

Of course, the Irish and Scottish banks will also be issuing polymer £20's, some around the same time.

September 2019

Miraculously, one morning, I was up very early and saw about 60 starlings fly onto the lawn and start pecking away. Something scared them off and as they flew up they joined another couple of flocks and I thought I might get to see a murmuration, but, they just split up and went their merry way. Still, a nice way to start the day.

We go to a pub quiz fairly regularly - even taking foreign visitors who enjoy it immensely.  However, one of our team members now lives in Singapore and we have the pleasure of his company for a couple of months each year, yet, his wife who arrived over the previous weekend said it was too hot!  We have visited Singapore and with recent spates of hot weather in the UK understand implicitly why Singaporeans migrate to the shade to walk anywhere.

August 2019

After reading about how we are bombarded by feedback wanted - not that I really needed to read it, I thought I would respond to a company as I felt I had been harassed by them and eventually realised they were writing to Peter who did not even have an account with them!  Even though they clearly stated it would take around 12 minutes, after I reached 41% I finished with it and emailed them the following: 'I just lost the will to live at 41% at 8minutes.'  We don't ask for feedback but are over the moon when our collectors say how happy they are with their purchases without prompting.  I promise not to bombard you with requests for feedback!

I was struck with memory loss when trying to remember where Glen's new home was.  So, I tried to think of a way in which to remember the town he is moving to - I thought 'how much is a big mac worth/cost?' this helped me enormously - the answer is not £2.69, but, Mackworth!

I had a bad back and visited the Doctor.  He prescribed me Diazapam (not named after me) and Co-Codamol.  I took one Diazapam and as someone who can already sleep for England, I found myself more sleepy than usual and the world became fuzzy. I decided to not take any more tablets - my back healed and I am without pain.  My mantra that sleep heals the body seemed to work.

We went to the Cinema to see 'The Current War' which featured Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison - banknote link - Benedict also played the part of 'Alan Turing' in 'The Imitation Game' who will be depicted on the forthcoming polymer £50.  However, a reviewer had said that the film was more like a documentary - we thought the film was very interesting and 'enlightened' us.  Although Westinghouse is a big name in the USA, in the UK he is probably not as well known as Tesla, who was not, unfortunately as good a business man as his inventions and ideas.

July 2019

Today, Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, announced that Alan Turing will appear on the new £50 polymer note. Making the announcement at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, the Governor also revealed the imagery depicting Alan Turing and his work that will be used for the reverse of the note. The new polymer £50 note is expected to enter circulation by the end of 2021.

Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, commented: “Alan Turing was an outstanding mathematician whose work has had an enormous impact on how we live today. As the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, as well as war hero, Alan Turing’s contributions were far ranging and path breaking. Turing is a giant on whose shoulders so many now stand.”

On the Breakfast show just the other Saturday they presented a lovely story about Phoenix the Giant CaymanTurtle that was saved from becoming Turtle soup and stated that he weighed 19 stone - surely the BBC must be aware that we have weights and measures in metric - our young folk must have been perplexed!

I was driving along a main road when a juice carton was thrown out of the passenger side of a Driving school car.  I was infuriated.  I tooted them, I flashed them, but, as you know, these days you cannot just confront people in cars (or anywhere else for that matter).  However, I tried to remember the car registration and the phone number and when safe to do so, contacted the head office who said they would pass on the complaint.  It is a sad endictment on their values.  Whilst in Japan there was no litter anywhere - everyone put their litter in a bin or took it home - it seems we are just an uncaring society.

Congratulations to Jonathan Callaway and Dave Murphy as their Book ' Paper Money of Scotland' was voted IBNS Book of the Year.  A well earned accolade as it was up against some very worthy opposition.

I had a simple request - Could I have a second recycling plastic box?  I had spent about 10 minutes going round and round on the Sutton council website and finally phoned to speak with a human bean.  He said the site was not working properly!  I could not have a second bin unless I had more than 5 people living in the house - never mind that other houses in our road have two boxes and none with more than 5 persons - however, I could use a clear plastic large bin bag - 'Does it have to be biodegradable?' surprisingly, the answer was 'no'.  Yet I must not put soft plastic into the recycle box - still scratching my head!

May 2019

It was great to be in Valkenburg to meet (eat/drink) with so many collectors and dealers from all over the world.  The weather was unseasonally cold and it even snowed one day.  However, it really is a great event, which we would hate to miss.  Quite a few people came up to say thank you for this newsletter!

We shall be at the London Coin Fair on Saturday 1st June (having paid Congestion charge and the new ULEZ - ultra low emission zone charge).  We had never considered owning a Diesel car - the Government suggested people change to Diesel cars - now are charging us for the privilege!

At an auction last year a previously unseen fabulous book containing world Banknote Specimens printed by Waterlow & Sons was sold. We have now managed to post the pictures of each page in that book on our site.  Just go to our - click on News & Info in the top line - then in the far left column click on Picture Library Scans / Images - finally,  in left column click on Waterlow Book.

April 2019

I was standing at the Post Office counter when a chap asked the adjacent assistant to check his two £50 banknotes as he thought they were fake.  Under a UV light they shone, but, the paper was wrong and it was pointed out that they had no silver thread.  I asked what prefix, which he did not understand, so, I elaborated and he showed me FY04 - I told him we don't use F or Y, certainly not on £50 notes. Before I could say anything else he said "I just sold a car, so I am taking them to the bank, I know I won't get anything for them" and rushed off before I could even make an offer.  You would think forgers would at least get some or all of the prefix right!

Pete and I visited Jordan and were pleased to have finally walked through Petra - an outstanding heritage site.  However, the first time we tried to visit. it snowed and hail stones hit us at a great rate, thus, 20 minutes away from Petra on the final road we had to turn back due to an 8 car pile up and treacherous conditions.  On our way back to Aqaba, we visited Wadi-Rum on a freezing cold day - not the sort of desert conditions we were expecting.  The next day was lovely and thus, we enjoyed our trip to Petra. 

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