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Code Times

Below is a simplified list of Code Times, based upon a chart in 'Collect British Postmarks' by Whitney.  From this, one can work out the actual times posted.  The system was relatively short lived, being known in use between 1893 and 1895, and were used on different types of handstamps: duplex, squared circles, single and double circles and so on.

The normal code consists of two letters, the first the hour, the second the minutes. A separation device sometimes followed, usually and asterisk. Finally came A or AM and P or PM. 'Clear Time' officially replaced 'Coded Time' in March 1895 but at some offices it continued into the 1900s


Hour Minutes                     
A   1   5
B   2 10
C   3 15
D   4 20
E   5 25
F   6 30
G   7 35
H   8 40
I   9 45
K 10 50
L 11 55
M 12  -



   Cover to France with three strikes of an 1897 Epsom Skeleton showing MC Coded Time. 

   Using the above table it can be seen that the posting time is 12.15pm.


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