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Scottish Million Serials
Guernsey Million Serial
Jersey Million Serials
million serial notes

Million Serial Banknotes  exist to keep the accounts balanced.
A million serial banknote is special as it has seven digit serials,
handset, regular serials have six digits. Million serial banknotes
were issued over the counter by high street banks as a normal
note is. Million serials exist from the 1917 third Treasury Bradbury period.
As of Series 'C' Portrait B281 O'Brien 1960 to B316 Fforde £10 1967,
the highest serial is 960000, therefore no million serials during this period.
Most banknotes found are in a poor grade (condition), probably taken
down the pub and shown around a few times. Also known as Terminators.


Email   or   Phone 0208 641 3224  if you have information



        Bradbury one pound banknote of 1917.  Million serial  (seven digits normal is six)



         Britannia B271 10s Million serial banknote.

 Britannia Million Serial Banknotes

 Please send in prefixes of unrecorded Millions

Cat  No Denom. Prefixes seen
B225 £1 J20
B236 10s 16O  27W
B238  £1 45Y  85Y.
B239  £1 D29A.
B249 Blue  £1 J26D  L74D  X47D  B26E.  K95E  R55E
B251 Mauve 10s A99D  K77D  Y87D.  Z99D 
B260  £1 W36A  W56A  W79A  A37B  H36B. 
B265 10s 34D  85D  73C.
B266 10s U21Z  T37Z  N24Z  N76Z  N80Z  K89Z  J14Z  E42Z
B268  £1 J66B   M08B  X41B  Y20B
    A73C  N24C  S39C S60C  U36C. Z94C
    D78J   E93J  K57J   K81J
B271 10s A37Z
    Z18Y Z31Y Y13Y X33Y W78Y O07Y K31Y K39Y D27Y B03Y B80Y. A32Y
    Z21X  Z89X  Z95X
B273  £1 N06J  R27J  S52J  S72J  S94J  T38J  T74J  X63J  Y77J  Z39J
    A45K A88K B89K C28K D10K E90K. E97K               
    R26K S56K T80K U67K  W34K W68K  X58K  Y17K
    B12L  H29L  H44L  K13L



        Mauve 10s  Million serial B251


How Were They Made?

Numbering barrels on the printing machines have only six digits.

To overcome the need for seven digits on a 1000000 serial banknote,  
a single number nought '0' would be removed from a spare numbering barrel.  
A sheet of banknotes would be specially printed with 100000 serials.  
The '0' would be inked up and added by hand to each serial in turn.  
Members of staff, in a competitive manner,  would take turns adding a nought  
to the end of the 100000 serials. The best aligned 1000000 serials would be  
used, the remainder destroyed. Alternatively,  if room was available, a figure '1'  
would be inserted before 000000 serials on a specially printed sheet.  



        Peppiatt green Britannia Million serial banknote B238



        Britannia B249 £1 Million serial banknote


Table of Other  Millions Serial  Banknotes

Cat No Denom.  Prefixes seen                                                                        
T16 £1 A32.  E94 
T31 £1 B1/78.


B305 £1 S38K  T37B.  T50D  T50H  T69H  T85J


B320   W86B.  X29C  X57L
B322                £1 BZ23
    CS08.  CS09  CS10  CS11  CS12  CW81
    BS44                EN04    ET04
    HS25  HS40   HX29
B330 £10 B20.   E77



         1970s £1 Page signature Million serial banknote



          1970s £10 Page signature Million serial banknote


          Buying Similar Items


        Bank of Ireland £20 2008, raised last nought top left. The last '0' on the vertical ladder serial

        is the same size as the second to last '0'.



        Bank of Scotland first prefix million of 1970.  Capital i used not 1



        RBS Million serial signed by Fred Goodwin  (Fred the shred)



      The last '0' on the bottom left ladder serial is the same size as the second to last '0'.

      A larger '0' not available?  Last '0' on vertical serial out of line.



        Look how close the last '0' is to its neighbour 



         Last nought too close to edge of note also thinner  



        Last nought under signature seems to have slid down and lost its shape




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