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British Banknotes 


       British Banknote 1920. Prefix A.  Uniface. Pound notes of this period were known as 'Squares' 



       British Banknote Clydesdale Bank Design of 1922, introduction of a printed back.



        British Banknote Clydesdale Bank Five pound note of 1927. Signed Swanson / Young.



        British Banknote Clydesdale Bank Horse Blanket of 1935 signed Mitchell / Young.

      These notes were referred to as 'Horse Blankets' because of their large size. 9 x 5 inches.
      All Scottish Banks had wooden drawers for tills up to the 1990's and thus, folded
      all notes in three to fit them in the drawers. Therefore uncirculated notes are scarce.



        Twenty pound note of 1947 signed Campbell / Pairman.


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